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Eastern Forest Consultants plants hundreds of hardwood tree seedlings for landowners each year.  Most of these hardwood tree planting projects are associated with NRCS cost-share programs designed to prevent livestock from degrading streams, but we occasionally work with landowners who simply wish to convert fields to forests.  The bulk of planting occurs during March and April before most trees are breaking bud and when rainfall is typically highest, but planting can also be conducted in the fall once the seedlings go dormant and can be lifted from nursery beds.  Seedlings are acquired from state nurseries and private nurseries.  We recommend all hardwood tree planting projects utilize tree shelters.  The advantages of tree shelters include, but are not limited to, protection from animals, protection from herbicides, faster establishment rates, better survival rates, etc.  EFC utilizes Vigilis products which we believe are top-of-the-line tree shelters and support these shelters with oak stakes.  We also utilize bird netting to prevent birds from establishing nests within the tubes.  All materials are designed to encourage tree survival and growth with zero to minimal maintenance, but we still recommend landowners take some action to maintain the planting areas. 
Eastern Forest Consultants can also help with your pine planting needs.  We often have the capacity in-house to plant pine projects meant to provide privacy to property and/or structures and small industrial pine plantings.  However, on larger tracts where timber was previously harvested from the site we contract migrant crews and provide oversight due to the size and scope of work.