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Timber Inventory Rationale
Timber inventories (or "cruises") are important to many forest landowners.  Conducting a timber cruise is probably the most important step in determining the current value of forested land.  In fact, most Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMO's) will invest money approximately every 5 years to inventory their entire holdings to help make determinations on scheduling future timber harvests.  You should never buy or sell substantial acreages of timber or forested property without first conducting an independent forest inventory.  Final timber sale prices are usually determined like the final sale price of a car resulting from negotiations or the highest bid.  Selling timber without first conducting a timber inventory would be like buying a car based solely on a picture.  An inventory provides confidence in the timber volume and quality (think vehicle history report).  Ultimately, supply and demand for the species, product, and quality will dictate what buyers can offer for the timber.  If timber volume and current fair market values are known, then you can comfortably accept or decline offers.
Types of Inventories
The staff at Eastern Forest Consultants have conducted timber inventories from the coastal plain to the mountain coal-fields.  We can provide almost any level of cruise style and intensity.  We can also make inventory  recommendations based on your timber type and inventory objective achieving the necessary data and preventing you from overspending.  Eastern Forest Consultants provides our clients with volume reports processed with industry-leading timber inventory software.  If desired, we are able to provide growth and yield modeling based on expected forest management activities.