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The Key Word is "Active"

The staff at Eastern Forest Consultants believe that active forest management is vital in maximizing returns regardless of your objectives as the land owner or manager.  A stand of timber held as a financial investment is more likely to yield greater returns in less time through active management than a stand left to develop naturally.  Furthermore, risks associated with lack of active management including catastrophic wildfire, invasive species, and forest pests can significantly diminish returns.  Even if the primary objective for your woodland is recreational use such as hunting or wildlife viewing, active forest management can be utilized to promote your outdoor experiences.  And remember, your objectives may change and environmental and economic conditions are never static.  We recommend that landowners maintain a regularly updated and revised management plan that is executed with active forest management.

Want to Learn More?  We can help!

We offer free initial consultations to Non-Industrial Private Forest (NIPF) landowners.  Please take some time to explore our website and discover the types of services we offer.  Then, contact us to discuss your objectives with a forester and schedule a site visit.